Nuclear engineering instructor by day, writer by night. Director when the stars align to make a movie!  

Originally from San Antonio, TX, Jackie grew up around the US as a military brat, landing in Jacksonville, FL during her impressionable teenaged years and watched movies to escape the real world.  With her eyes set on MIT, she never once thought of pursuing a career in film until a screening of Hostel and Q&A with Eli Roth who said that film school wasn't the gateway into the industry, hard work and perseverance was truly the key to success. 

She was hooked.  People were making movies, why not her?

After five years of active duty military service as a Navy Officer, she moved to Los Angeles where she dove into the industry as an executive assistant at Creative Artists Agency and Perfect Storm Entertainment. She fell in love with screenwriting while completing the Writers Guild Foundation’s Veterans Writing Program and earned her MFA in TV and Screenwriting from Stephens College. She’s been focused on her creative projects ever since with a love for horror and passion for telling STEM-centric stories. She is an avid traveller and adventure-seeker who will jet off to Nepal for a week of white-water rafting at the drop of a hat. It's happened before.

These days, she writes in the fresh island air of Oahu, Hawaii where she lives with her husband Jon and rescue dog Maxie.

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