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Amazing Grace | Drama Feature

Mathematician Grace Hopper leaves everything behind to join the Navy during WW2 and make a difference. Little did she know that her legacy and innovative ideas would shape the future of computing forever. .

2020 Sundance Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship Second Round (in review)

2019 Screencraft Public Domain Finalist (in review)

2019 Sundance Alfred P. Sloan Commissioning Grant Second Round

THICKER THAN WATER | Horror Feature + Proof of Concept Short

Mariela has always wanted to be a mother but is left unable to bear children after a traumatic stillbirth. She is introduced to a secret club of powerful women, headed by an ancient matriarch, a Lechuza named Lilith. By joining, Mariela regains the miracle of life, but the sacrifice is more than she bargains for when she must kill to keep the baby.

NALIP 2018 Latino Lens Short Film Incubator Semi-Finalist

U-666 | Horror Feature

Off the coast of South America, a stranded Nazi soldier is rescued by a modern day research vessel. Unbeknownst to the crew, he carries an ancient evil artifact with the power to give rise to demons. Suddenly, their last night at sea might be their last night alive.

2017 Screamfest Best Unproduced Screenplay 

2017 Final Draft Thriller/Horror Quarterfinalist

2017 Screencraft Horror Quarterfinalist

2017 Emerging Screenwriters Top 100

CIVILIZED | Horror/Thriller Feature

A pair of high school social outcasts discover that all the adults in their small town have turned into zombies. As sociopath Jackson descends into megalomania, Rhys must figure out what's going on before it's too late to save his town from the infected and more critically, his best friend.

Inspired by William Golding's Lord of the Flies.

2018 Screencraft Horror Quarterfinalist

2017 Stowe Story Labs Selection

COUNTERVALUE | Drama Feature

Police officer Ashley Williams lives through a nuclear attack on the United States. With her only child dead, and no one else to live for, Ashley leaves her old life behind and takes a road trip across a dangerous new country to make peace with herself as she rapidly degrades due to acute radiation poisoning,


A homeless veteran is invisible to everyone except a precocious six year old girl who walks into his life and changes it forever.

2017 GI Film Festival Official Selection

Girls Night Out | Thriller Short

A twist on hunted vs. hunter when a woman feels she is being followed on her way home. Inspired by Italian Giallo films.

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